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five months

really?  5 months since i've posted (not that i was knocking it out of the park before).

i'll be back here more frequently now that we've moved, and life is settling in.

for now, i leave you with our christmas card photos:

chloe and deuce...

and all four (gulp! four!) kiddos living in the new house: deuce, nate, ellie, and chloe.

aren't i lucky?


up and comer

one of my staff is having a baby in october (actually, his wife is, but you know what i mean).  

i decided to do a red and white hourglass quilt, using this tutorial.  so cute and classic, even though i used several modern fabrics.

it measures about 37 by 46, and will soon be off to the quilter's!

there's been a baby boom at work; i've already got a present for the other staffer whose wife is expecting in late august - pics soon!


r.i.p., violet

today, after several days of fighting a horrible infection, i found chloe's betta fish, violet, not moving at the bottom of his bowl.

my heart breaks that chloe lost her little friend, and i feel responsible, that i did not take good enough care of him.  he was with us a little over a year, and entertained us many times with his swirling and bubbles.

i just wanted to immortalize him in words, so that i don't forget him.


sunday stash - mod kitchen

a sampling of the adorable line, mod kitchen by helen dardick, purchased from uberstitch.  helen also has an amazing etsy shop, filled with her illustrations.

again, no plans for this, but happy to have it winking at me from the shelves...


sunday stash - megumi sakakibara

i recently re-discovered megumi sakakibara fabric.  her designs are so simple and childlike, yet elegant in their simplicity.

this one is called "uma."  she came to me via superbuzzy.

this one is called "forest friends."  i had never seen the gray colorway, so i had to get it, even though it came all of the way from australia(!).  this one from badskirt amy.

it would take a special project to get me to cut into these lovelies.  for now, they will be carefully ironed, folded, and squirreled away...